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Coco's Causes

A portion of all Coco's Bangles sales are donated to charities that reflect the concern Coco has for animals and the environment.  These include: 

The May Center and The Heart and Soul Sanctuary of New Mexico 

The May Center for Learning

The May Center for Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, support and outreach for students who learn differently.  The May Center offers skill-building tutoring in reading, writing, math, and executive functioning.  They also offer teacher training and community outreach programs and advocate for students who learn differently in the community.  Learn more at

The Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary ~  

A second chance at a happy life through rescue and adoption

Rescue and Adoption
The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary serves an important need since northern New Mexico has a long history of neglect, ill-treatment and severe over population of animals needing a home. The Heart & Soul Sanctuary takes them in, tends to their medical needs and provides the stimulus for a better, longer life. 

Adopting an animal who’s been abandoned or abused isn’t always easy. But the dogs and cats that live at The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary are well socialized. They get a lot of attention and learn to live in harmony with other animals. This can make them more adoptable than animals who have been kept in cages and concrete cells. We live with our animals, know them well, and find just the right family for each dog or cat. 

The Heart & Soul Sanctuary is located in Glorieta, NM, 

(505) 757-6817